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What Is An Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a fun entertainment game, which anyone can try. Players are put inside a themed adventure room and must try to figure out how to escape before the time runs out.


Upon arrival, you will be given an initial briefing that covers the general rules of escape rooms and some specifically to the room you will be entering. You will then be given the background/story for the room you are entering, so you know just how you got into this tricky situation. Once the game starts your group will explore the room and surroundings for clues and useful objects that may lead to solving puzzles. You and your team of family, friends or coworkers will work together in order to solve the puzzles ahead of you and ultimately escape the room.

Why Do I Need To Do One?

  • Exercise Your Brain – escape games use tricky riddles and math problems. Each time you do an escape room you are exercising your brain to thinking outside the box and challenging it to see things from new angles and
  • Competitive Skill – With a 50 minute time limit to escape a room and the challenge of solving a sequence of puzzles bring out the sherlock holmes in you.
  • Concentration – In order to solve the game, you must solve the puzzle. Our puzzles increase your ability to concentrate in this goldfish attention span world.
  • Creative Thinking – Expand your mind and learn to think out of the box when solving the problems at Alcatraz Escape Rooms. Usually the way to solve our escape room puzzles is to look at the problem differently and think in a non-linear fashion.
  • Awareness – Develop your awareness of your surroundings and group behaviour
  • Team Building – Learn to work together to solve our Escape Room puzzles. In the world of Escape Rooms, team work is dream work.
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Escape Rooms are for all ages to have fun! Whether you enjoy playing games, really like puzzles, enjoy competition, or just love doing new things with your family and friends. Escape Rooms will give you something to talk about for days, weeks, even months or years.

Escape Rooms are also excellent for team-building, whether its for a business, sports, school or any other place you want to increase your teams bond. We focus on puzzles forcing teamwork within our rooms, which ultimately helps players increase their teamwork skills in order to beat the clock.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to check out our FAQs or reach out to us personally by phone or email below!

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