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About Our Corporate Workshops

Did you know that business’s with strong teams exceed in the market place?

Isn’t it time that you built a rock star team?

Alcatraz Escape Rooms, has been credited as the Best Escape Room in Hamilton. With 4 rooms and counting, we design fun and challenging escape rooms for each level of integration. Our Casino Heist is a non-linear puzzle that has a 13% success rate.

Don’t wait for your competitors to out think you, or become a better team. Book your room today and take your team to the next level. Our rooms are complex puzzles where one must become a team in order to solve them.

Team building activities are an excellent way to foster high level learning and increase communication between members and also is a great way to improve morale and productivity because it brings the group together i

Our Escape Rooms Will Improve Your Business.

Escape rooms are a high pressure environment where a team must accomplish tasks on a deadline. As your team gets better at problem solving, you will find that teamwork and communication will happen naturally as a result, a skill that is transferable in the business world. You will also find how members will “step up” and lead at different times, it will improve the confidence of your team members and boost morale in the office.

Or, it could backfire completely. Chances are it wont.

Escape Rooms Can Help Strengthen:

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Delegation

  • Critical Thinking

  • Attention To Detail

  • Lateral Thinking

What Alcatraz Escape Rooms Will Do For Your Team

Improved Communication

Alcatraz Escape Rooms can help break down the walls to communication with enriched learning. Task’s elevate learning, and the group learns new ways of thinking and also teach the group how important team work and communication are on a sub-conscious level.

Rapport Building

Problems within groups happen when individuals don’t merge with the whole. The Navy Seals know who will be able to pass the all important “BUDS” training, by those who will be able to merge with the group. Those groups who are able to merge as one and become one mind are able to accomplish incredible things. By bringing your team to Alcatraz Escape Rooms your team will learn to work as one, and crush your competition in the Business Arena.

Long Term Benefits

A strong team can pay major dividends for your small business. A strong team will increase productivity, stay motivated, enhance creativity, and stick together through challenging times. By allowing individuals to contribute their skills and feel they belong to a whole and adapt to rapid change in the mosaic landscape of the business environment.