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Whether it is a company, workplace, school, class or sports team, escape rooms build teamwork and bond players, unlike any other adventure can.

Corporate Events

Did you know that coworkers that display strong team-working skills can be invaluable for the business’ overall efficiency and for the general atmosphere in the workplace, but only if they are done right. How do we do it? We put your team into a high-pressured environment where your team must accomplish tasks in order to meet their deadline, just like they would at your business. The only difference is, we have a combination of different types of puzzles where Anne from accounting and Bob from sales, will need to work together to solve them.

Escape Rooms Can Help Strengthen:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Attention To Detail
  • Lateral Thinking
Corporate Bookings

Team Events

There’s simply no better way to create a unique and unforgettable memory than working together to escape an Escape Room. Whether it is a Christmas, year-end or first team party, your players will have a whole new bonding experience that will bring them closer together.

Our Escape Rooms give your players the challenge of teamwork they love from sports and put it to use in another fun environment off the ice, court or field.

School Trips

We know that all kids learn differently but sometimes it can be difficult to find out how you learn best. An Escape Room allows kids to work on puzzles in MANY different ways, highlighting their strengths and using teamwork to help improve their weaknesses while they have the time of their lives!

As teachers and educators, you strive to make learning fun and that is our goal too. Kids’ working together to escape a room is the ultimate teamwork project that they can have.

School Trip
Birthday Cake

Birthday Parties

Trying to find something extraordinary for your Birthday celebration? Something that won’t just be remembered, but talked about for weeks, even months or years? Celebrate your Birthday at Alcatraz Escape Rooms!

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